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Client Brief

The client tasked us to organise and plan their entire event of 2 days which consisted of different sessions with different themes. The business session to be informative, the launch to be innovative and the ADC awards to be the glamourous highlight event it has been for years. Success was achieved when we delivered on all aspects of their request. We ensured that the business session was engaging through the professional work and seamless tech provided for the panel discussion and Q&A by our AV team. The customers, dealership representatives and media were also given an opportunity to ride & drive the new Euro 5 to experience the advanced features. The Euro 5 Launch event that followed had everything – entertainment, information and a captivating reveal followed by a dinner. We then we wrapped up the two days of info-tainment with a glamourous diamond themed evening through elegant décor and a great experience for the UD diamonds – hardened and shining achievers – receiving recognition from the company.

Awards Ceremony - The Ground

Hotel - Business Session

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